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Kill Busyness Before It Kills You.
Everyone is busy. And it's killing us all.
Do you remember the last time someone asked you how you were doing? Did you tell them that you were "good...but busy?"

Hurry is the new normal. We want to achieve our dreams and live a significant life, so we cram our calendars with nonstop activities.
Instead of feeling fulfilled, we’re distracted, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We have too much to do and not enough time.
But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In Gettin' (un)Busy, you'll learn:
  • ​the inhibiting beliefs that keep you trapped in busyness 
  • ​why time management isn’t the solution
  • ​how to attain your biggest goals 
  • ​the unwanted commitments that keep you from your priorities 
  • ​how to take control of your life so that you don’t burn out
  • ​and much more….
Dan Miller
I’ve helped thousands of people discover the work that they love. In Gettin’ (un)Busy, you’ll discover how to make sure that you don’t allow even work you love to overtake your life. If you’ve ever felt like your soul needs to catch up with your body, this is the book for you.
New York Times bestselling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love
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Start living with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace.
Skip Prichard
Gettin’ (un)Busy is your ticket from a stress-filled present to a calm, confident future. Garland Vance takes aim at the “success equals busyness” myth and provides a blueprint for achievement. Read this book and leave your harried, frenetic days behind and embrace a life of purpose.
President & CEO, OCLC, Inc.
WSJ Bestselling Author of The Book of Mistakes
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Do you feel like your drowning and overwhelmed at work and home?
Take back control of your life and time.
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Kary Oberbrunner
I want you to be a soul on fire. But your soul can’t ignite if your calendar is crowded. You need space in your life if you’re going to discover your passion and give your life to it. Garland Vance has crafted a masterful how-to book that helps you beat busyness and ignite your soul on fire.
author of Day Job to Dream Job and Elixir Project
About the Author 
Garland Vance
Garland has been helping people and teams get clarity about their life and leadership for over twenty years. He is an author, speaker, and consultant. Along with his wife, Dorothy, he cofounded AdVance Leadership, which helps overwhelmed influencers and organizations live with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace.
Garland also serves as a Senior Consultant with Swoz Leadership, a consulting firm that helps maximize organizations through executive development and creating raving fans.

As a former Leadership Development Pastor and Director of one of Chick-fil-A's nonprofits, Garland has poured into influencers at all levels. He’s helped thousands of people discover and live out their life purpose, enhance their clarity and productivity, and impact the world around them.

Garland earned a Doctorate in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Denver Seminary. There, he researched the effects of busyness on leaders and how to overcome both individual and organizational overcommitment.

As much as he loves to work, it's not his highest priority. Garland enjoys reading, watching movies, drinking coffee, trying new food, engaging in deep conversations, running, and East Tennessee hiking. But most of all, he loves spending time with his wife, Dorothy, and their three children.
What People Are Saying
Garland is one of the best I’ve ever worked with at helping leaders take complex ideas and making them easy to both understand and achieve. Follow his five steps, and you’ll accomplish more while doing less.
Senior Vice President, Staff Support Learning Executive, Bank of America
This book is essential reading for leaders who purpose to have a lifelong growth mindset. I’ve known Garland since before he was (un)busy, and I can tell you the transformation in his life—and the same transformation you’ll experience if you follow these steps. You will stress less, grow more, and become a better steward of your life calling.
Director, Masters Experience at Impact 360 Institute
Author of Your College Launch Story: Six Things Every Parent Must Do
If you truly want to create the life you want then you need to learn how to combat busyness in a healthy and sustainable way. This book is a manual for ridding your life of busyness, tapping into your purpose, learning true productivity and creating a greater sense of peace. 
Balance Lifestyle Coach
host of the Having It A.L.L. Podcast
“Everywhere I go, I hear people talk about how busy they are as if it’s a badge of honor that somehow heightens their identity. With counter-cultural insight, Garland exposes the lie of busyness. He paints a picture of a better, more meaningful life that lies beyond the deception of busyness. And he shows you how easy it can be to redefine your life by gettin’ (un)busy.”
Vice President for Administration for the 
Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
“When we greet family, friends and even strangers we ask, ‘How are you?’ What’s their usual response? ‘Busy!’ We wear busyness like a badge of honor. But when busyness becomes stress and burnout, it feels less like honor and more like kryptonite. Our superpowers elude us. Our life purpose escapes us. In Gettin’ (un)Busy, Garland Vance gives you five proven steps to break free from the trap of busyness and begin pursuing your dreams again.”
Leadership Coach,
Founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc. 
Author of Pebbles in My Shoe
“Busy is the new lazy, and in this book Garland Vance provides a practical roadmap that will set you free to thrive without sacrificing the margin you need to enjoy life along the way.” 
President, nexleader
author of Grow Toward Your Dreams
“Garland provides an extremely thoughtful approach in his book, Gettin’ (un)Busy. His writing, mixed with stories, insight, and evidence, will not only hold your attention, but also convince you that beating busyness is a real possibility no matter how busy you think you are. One read was not enough for me; I wanted to commit sections to memory so that I could better put them into practice. Leaders looking to be more productive in today’s culture, which prioritizes busyness, will want to take a moment and learn from Garland and his (un)busy method.”
Chief Strategy Officer, Well Being Trust
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